Vacation Rentals available. One guest house and two dry cabins.

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Updated June 4, 2019

Cherries and blueberries are just around the corner!

Check out facebook/paws produce for updates.



Cougar Gold cheese from WSU's own creamery!! Other varieties and flavors, as well. 


We carry high quality imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil in sweet and savory flavors, flavored Balsamic Vinegar, pure Avacado Oil, White Balsamic Hot sauces and Gourmet Stuffed Olives, including oregano-feta, garlic and jalapeno. Tastings available.

Crackers, dips, salsa and much, much more...........

FISH MARKET Eat healthy----eat Alaska Seafood! Nutritious, delicious and sustainable! 

From Tonka Seafoods, Inc. in Petersburg, AK

  • Canned smoked Sockeye, as well as White and Red King Salmon

  • Canned skinless boneless Sockeye

  • Smoked salmon retorts, gift boxed

  • Smoked salmon dips & soups


From Tustumena Smokehouse in Soldotna, AK

A healthy alternative to pork and beef products. All Natural---No Preservatives---Gluten Free---Rich in Omega-3

  • Salmon Bacon (homemade bread, fresh garden tomatoes and lettuce makes this the best BLT ever!)

  • Salmon Pepperoni

  • Salmon Chorizo

  • Salmon Jerky

  • Shakin' Salmon. Great on salads, soups, eggs!

From Copper River Seafoods, Cordova, AK

  • Halibut Portions

  • Halibut Cheeks....these are amazing!!!

  • Pacific Cod

  • Smoked Black Cod

  • Sockeye Salmon

  • King Salmon

  • Rock Fish

Check out our products from Talkeetna Condiments! We have fish rubs, dipping sauces for seafood, Moose Merlot steak sauce, and much more!





  • Electronic gift cards

  • Rabbit's Pickled Garlic. Five flavors to choose from

  • Amazing pickled asparagus from Ely Farms

  • "Garlic Expressions" dressing and marinade

  • Enticing variety of fettucine, linguine, pappardelle and sauces from Pasta Mama's in Richland, WA. We also have dessert pasta, including chocolate, pumpkin and cinnamon spice. (Sounds strange, but it's amazing!!)

  • Gourmet bread dips from Maple Valley, WA

  • Fresh roasted Blue Star Coffee from Twisp

  • Bolga market baskets from Bolga Baskets International

  • Raw local honey from Apple Valley Honey

  • Pure maple syrup from Quebec

  • Cutting boards, chopping blocks, pepper mills and much more, by owner

  • Wonderful, natural, hand made soaps from local artisans.